We think on land, we perform in the water



Are you ready?

NSST is proud to see new and returning faces on our surf trips every year. 

We aim to build a community of similar levelled surfers to go to Sunny Portugal where we enjoy Ericeira to the fullest!


Committed surf trips for those that just can’t get enough of it! That is what our trip programs are all about. A once-in-a-lifetime experience where you will not only surf all day, but also get theory lessons about surf technique that will help you progress over the years to come! 

To give our students the best possible experience, we divided our trips in two groups

Beginner – Intermediate

Our Vieux Boucau trip is meant for any adult surfer who is at the beginner to intermediate level. This means we will discuss techniques from the pop-up and take off technique to down the line surfing, cutbacks and more.

Check out the page for more info


Intermediate – Advanced

Aside from being one of the most renowned surf area in Portugal, Ericeira is a beautiful little town full of cute little bars, bakeries, and restaurants with beautiful waves all year long. You can feel the surf-love in the air in this “surfer village” where you can surf the waves of your life, find awesome surf shops and eat at some amazing hotspots.