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We definitely are, and you can join our program in Scheveningen!

One of the best things about the Sunny Seasons are the late summer evenings when the tourists and beach goers go home, you’re left with the warm vibes of summer and the scent of BBQ and sunscreen. Catching those last waves before sundown.

Join our surf training groups starting mid-April! We’re uniting surfers by forming fun groups of like-minded people whilst providing quality coaching courses, so you can ace those sunny days in the water.

From evening Boulevard SmoothStar courses to surf coaching in the warm water, we want to get everyone back together and make the most out of those sunny days!

Patrick – Surf Coaching

Nice inspiring lessons with surf simulation on a Smoothstar board on the boulevard when the ocean is flat, and when there are waves surf coaching in small groups. The lessons have a good atmosphere and Daan teaches you to coach yourself and to give you control over your own learning process. Without these lessons I would not have made much progress. Recommended!

Kristel – Surf Trips

Thanks for the tips and tricks! I really liked the surf trip, good coaching and I now know much better what I have to work on to improve; and that’s what I came for. My new focus is to come to Scheveningen more often to practice in between, and with a new surf trip I’ll be there again


Coco – Performance Centre

A great place to work on both strength and mobility. Even without being a frequent surfer, the surf fitness classes taught by the experienced coaches are very satisfying and educational. Their knowledge of how the human body moves are beneficial to both your posture and physical endurance. I have progressed immensely in just the first 2 months.