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NSST is proud to see new and returning faces on our surf trips every year. 

We are excited to take you to the beautiful beaches of Vieux Boucau where we enjoy the French waves and nature to the fullest!


Aside from being one of the most loved surf beach breaks in France, Vieux Boucau is a beautiful little town with loads of nature, french culture, bakeries, and local restaurants with beautiful waves all year long. You can get to know other surfers in this close knit surfer area, surf the waves of your life, and enjoy the calm and peaceful lands of Vieux Boucau and not to mention Croissants and Wine!


Everybody is welcome, the only requirement is that you do have some sort of background with surfing, you have already done a lesson once in your life and you have some basic knowledge about ocean safety and surfing.

This trip is meant for any adult surfer who is at the beginner to intermediate level. This means we will discuss techniques from the pop up and take off technique to down the line surfing, cutbacks and more.

In the coaching we will teach fundamental basics like the pop up, line up control and take off. 

But also we will talk about how to surf the green waves, make your first turns and possible some nice cross steps for the longboarders. 

Usually in our trips half of the members have more experience, have been surfing for some years and are well-prepared to surf the green waves out the back. This is perfect because while our coach is helping the beginners, the more intermediate surfers will have the line-up waves all to themselves while getting quality video coaching from the coach on the beach.

Check out the video of our last intermediate trip!

Surf Trip program

For the coaching sessions, we made sure to accommodate to every level.

The long stretched out beach that runs past Vieux Boucau counts hundreds of sandbanks and waves. All we need to do is walk from our accomodation past the ocean till we find a nice uncrowded spot to surf!

Daily video coaching

2hrs video coaching sessions (Receive your videos on the same day)

Daily video analysis

When it comes to coaching, we offer the full package! We are aiming to coach you in the line-up, as well as have another coach film your waves from the beach! Every day we will find a wave, help you catch the best waves, and do the video analysis afterwards. The combination of someone helping you in the line-up, and seeing yourself surf on video afterwards, is very accurate for your progression. At the end of the trip, you will receive all your surf video’s in your mailbox!

Daily 1-on-1 coaching

On the first and the last day you will have 1-on-1 moments with Daan Groeneveld, you’ll set personal goals for the trip and more!


You get your personal SmoothStar surf skateboard for the entire trip. In the 1-on-1 moments, we will film your skills. You’ll be given drills to practice that will accurately make you surf better.


Besides, we’ll do group simulation training to make you understand surf technique and grow muscle memory to use in the water.

Apnea Training

Big wave hold downs won’t be a problem for you anymore! We’ll do apnea training in the pool for those that are interested. Learn to calm yourself while being underwater and have a correct mindset for when the waves get bigger!

Daan is a AIDA 2 freediver and will help you through this safely.

Yoga class

There might be moments in the trip when there really is no Surf, and Surfing 7 days in a row can be heavy on your body. On the potential day that the waves are bad we will organize a yoga class to relax and spoil your muscles!


The surf is at walking distance from our accommodation, for other transport such as groceries or others we will arrange a car. So sit back and relax, no worries about car rentals. transport and all that jazz.

Transport from the Netherlands to Vieux Boucau in not included



1-8 October 2022


7-night quality stay at Longwave Surf House


Breakfast buffet


Dinner for 6 evenings


Daily video coaching and analysis


SmoothStar training


Apnea (pool) training


1-on-1 coaching

(Optional) Board Rental for €80 a week

Double room


Sold out

Dorm bed



Single person double room


Sold out