Surf / Water Training


April 18, 2023    
19:00 - 20:45


Bookings closed


  • Femke Roeder
  • Tino de Bruijn
  • Daan van Velden
  • Floortje Daemen
  • Jorrit van der Weide


The Pier
Strandweg 150, The Hague
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Surf / Water Training

From our years of coaching we have learned that consistency is a key factor to progress in surfing.

The surf / water training is planned when there are very small waves or when it is totally flat! When the waves are small we can practice things like to pop up and cross stepping. When there are no waves we can practice things like:

  • Paddle techniques and endurance
  • Line up board control (how fast can you rotate your board?)
  • Talk about surf scenario’s and techniques on the beach
  • Physical training

The consistency of surfing and being in the water practicing line up techniques will help you progress your surfing super fast!

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P.S. We meet in suit with board at location!

P.S. Please be aware that: 1. the activities in this lesson are all at your own risk. 2. From 24 hours in advance there is no option to cancel your booking. 3. All students meet in time at the exact location given in this event. 4. Smoothstar lessons are given on the brand smoothstar only. 5. For surf lessons the student arrives in suit with board, if the student needs to rent one of our board the student should let us know in advance! 6. Every participant including the coach is STOKED NO MATTER WHAT!!!!


Bookings are closed for this event.